Price threshold to block LED energy-saving lamps into t…

Yesterday, the laboratory of the Electric Energy Saving Technology Center, which was established by the Municipal Energy Conservation Association, Tianjin University of Technology and related enterprises, was open to the public, and the smart and environmentally friendly life displayed was expected ...more

Jiangmen LED industry leads Taiwan attention

The cross-strait led industry development and technology innovation summit forum. On the morning of the 12th, the 2010 Guangdong-Taiwan Economic and Technical Trade Exchange Conference was grandly opened at the Jiangmen Wuyi Overseas Chinese Plaza Convention and Exhibition Center. The two-day even ...more

Philips: Sticking to the leading position with quality …

In recent years, Philips, a traditional lighting giant, has completed the acquisition of Lumileds, TIR System, Color Kinetics, Ilti Luce, PLI, Genlyte, etc. Through the acquisition and restructuring, Philips has established a leading position in LED. In the future, what kind of way will Philips Lig ...more

LED traffic signage for the first time in Nanjing Huaqi…

The reporter learned from the Nanjing Traffic Management Department yesterday that the led variable traffic ban sign was first used in the west entrance of Huaqiao Road and Cixisha Road, and this new type of light source makes the sign more conspicuous and easy for drivers to view. According to th ...more

Taxi plastic ceiling light turned into LED

Yesterday morning, at the intersection of Kunming Beijing Road and Huancheng South Road, a taxi car roof lamp had a new look. The word "Expo" is printed on the front of the light box, and the LED display screen showing the "civilized driving safe driving" is displayed in the bac ...more

Philips lighting, easy to improve the quality of life

From June 9th to 12th, the annual Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition will be on schedule at the Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou. At the largest professional lighting and lighting exhibition in Asia, 1,600 companies from 26 countries participated in the exhibition. Philips Lighting, the leader ...more

Several key technologies for substation automation tran…

1 Main contents of substation transformation The conventional substation is transformed into an unattended substation. First, the primary and secondary equipment must be modified to meet the unattended operation requirements. 1.1 Primary equipment major transformation and tech ...more