What are the differences between OLED TVs and LCD TVs?

Maybe you once stopped in the rainy streets of Chongqing where the smoke clouds lingered, and you often feel the temptation of spicy hot pot in Chongqing. You have also walked leisurely along the riverside on the south bank of the Yangtze River. However, it is not unusual f ...more

What are the key technologies included in industrial ro…

The main task of industrial robot control technology is to control the position, attitude and trajectory of industrial robots in the workspace, the sequence of operations and the time of action. It has the characteristics of simple programming, software menu operation, friendly human ...more

Big 佬 佬 LED new growth, high-tech spring will start…

For most LED companies, 2015 is a "robbery." Affected by the slowdown in demand and increased competition, the LED industry chain prices generally fell by 30-50%. Even the international giants have not been spared, and their product prices have fallen by more than 20%. Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, ...more

OLED display technology commercial application, digital…

In the commercial large-screen market in 2015, OLED display has clearly become a presence that cannot be ignored. Under the strong promotion of large-screen display companies represented by Samsung and LG, OLED displays have successfully broken the constraints of size and opened. The large-size dis ...more

How to deal with industrial crisis in 2016?

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology estimates that the growth target for industrial enterprises above designated size will be around 6% in 2016, down from 8% in 2015. In the situation where the traditional industry is oversupplied and the new industry has not y ...more

How to drive without driving?

First, the great ambition at your fingertips In addition to ruling the world, driverlessness can probably rival all the ambitions of history. The trillion-dollar global auto market is also the first goal of driverlessness. Reverse control of a family-focused car-centric life ...more

Fiber Market: The rise of China's optical communica…

In 2015, China's optical communications industry was very prosperous. “Broadband China Strategy” promotion, FDD license issuance, “light reform”, speed increase and fee reduction... A series of favorable policies and plans have been introduced, brin ...more