A brief analysis of the prospects of nano-robots in med…

The recent vision of nanobiology is to apply biological principles at the nanoscale, discover new phenomena, and develop programmable molecular robots , also known as nanobots. Synthetic biology has redesigned cell signaling and gene regulatory networks to develop "in vivo" ...more

Experts talk about some key points of digital power des…

Several technical issues in the design and implementation of digital power supplies have also been the subject of discussion among engineers and experts in the industry. This article will be discussed in several ways: First, what is the most essential difference between digit ...more

Maotai Enabling New Technology Traceability System

Kweichow Moutai Group announced in Beijing yesterday that it will take the lead in enabling an emerging technology traceability system. In the future, consumers can check the brand name, specifications, production batch, production date, and sales channels of each bottle of Moutai with RFI ...more

Zhang Xiaofei: Channel revolution and liberation are on…

On the afternoon of May 24th, Gaogong LED hosted the “2013 China LED Good Products Tour Exhibition and Merchants Conference” hosted by Gaogong LED's “Lighting Channel”. Chengdu Station ended successfully. Lin Jilin, deputy general manager of Mulinsen Lighting, and genera ...more

Fujitsu Launches New Power Management IC Products

Fujitsu Semiconductor Co., Ltd. announced the launch of two new power management IC products, MB39C811 DC/DC step-down converter and MB39C831 DC/DC step-up converter developed for energy collection. Samples of new products are scheduled to begin in June this year. The MB39C811 buck conver ...more

LED lighting market will double or double next year

In China, LED lighting is almost impossible to find in ordinary people except for the public lighting and commercial lighting. “Price is the main reason.” Xiao Zhang, a market specialist who works in a LED lighting manufacturer, told reporters that although the prices of LED la ...more

Ironing and drying multifunctional washing machine

Occupied space has gradually become an important indicator of modern household appliances or furniture. Recently, a novel design of the concept of laundry equipment storage, cleaning, ironing, drying and other functions as a whole, the space is only the size of a clothes rack, and has a ve ...more