2015 Designer Dialogue LED Lighting Manufacturers Summit Forum was held in Rong

[Text/Chengdu Station reporter He Xinling] On April 11th, the 2015 Designer Dialogue LED Manufacturers Summit Forum with the theme of “Dialogue Enterprise, Designing the Future” was successfully held in Chengdu, and Director of the Institute of Light Environment Research, Tsinghua Urban Planning and Design Institute, Beijing Rong Haolei, Philips China Senior Lighting Design Director Yao Mengming, Chongqing LED Lighting R&D and Industry Alliance Secretary General Chen Weimin, Dongguan Qinshang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Design Director Liu Baozhong and manufacturers and designers from all over the country attended the forum.

It is understood that the forum aims to discuss the popularization of domestic LED lighting design and application through inviting designers and LED lighting manufacturers, and to brainstorm and gather wisdom, promote the development of domestic LED lighting industry, and promote LED in western China. The related industries such as lighting are developing healthily, rapidly and steadily.

At the meeting, Chen Weimin, Secretary General of Chongqing LED Lighting R&D and Industry Alliance, made a profound analysis on the status quo and future development of LED lighting, and discussed with the guests on how to jointly develop the western LED lighting market, pointing out a clear explanation for the LED manufacturers. road.

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