3.7m Rx and Tx Communication System

Model NO.: CHW-370
Dimention: 3.7m
Beamwidth(-3dB): ≤1.32°
Noise Temperature(K): 2 Port
10°elevation: ≤48
20°elevation: ≤40
30°elevation: ≤38
First Sidelobe(dB): ≤-14
Humidity: 0% ~ 100%
Trademark: CHAOWEI
Transport Package: as Required
Specification: 3.7m
Origin: Hebei
HS Code: 8529109021
3.7m satellite communication antenna

Conform with Intelsat, Eutelsat Requirements;
High gain, low sidelobe, high polarization identification rate;;
High precision reflection panel;
Cassegrain, feedforward optional;
C-Band and Ku-Band optional;
Modern design, convenient and fast ;
      Installation&adjustment,strong anticorrosion , good stability;
Ground plot, foundation template, the anchor bolt;
Deicing equipment, activity foundation, lightning rod and wire, high-frequency head;
3.7m RX-TX Antenna
Performance index     Item C-RX C-TX Ku-RX Ku-TX
Electrical Performance  Frequency(GHz) 3.40-4.20 5.85-6.65 10.95-12.75 13.75-14.50
Gain(dB) ≥41.9+20lg(f/4) ≥45.4+20lg(f/6) ≥51.1+20lg(f/12) ≥52.4+20lg(f/14)
Beamwidth(-3dB) ≤1.32° ≤0.88° ≤0.47° ≤0.41°
Beamwidth(-10dB) ≤2.41° ≤1.60° ≤0.76° ≤0.64°
Noise Temperature(K) 2 port   2 port  
10°elevation ≤48   ≤58  
20°elevation ≤40   ≤51  
30°elevation ≤38   ≤49  
First Sidelobe(dB) ≤-14
Sidelobes(90% peaks under following envelop 32-25lg(θ)dBi                             100λ/D≤θ≤20° 29-25lg(θ)dBi                       1°≤θ≤20°
Electrical Specifications VSWR ≤1.25:1 ≤1.25:1 ≤1.25:1 ≤1.25:1
Power handing capability(Kw)   3   1
Connector Type CPR-229G CPR-159G/137G WR-75
Polarization Type Linear Polarization Linear Polarization
Feed insertion loss(dB,Including resistance filter) ≤0.3 ≤0.3 ≤0.35 ≤0.35
RX-TX isolation(dB) ≥85 ≥85
Cross polarization(dB,axial) ≥35 ≥35 ≥35 ≥35
Mechanical property Azimuth rotation range  ±90° Two point,continuous between points
Pitching rotation range  5°~ 90° Continuous
Polarization rotation range  ±90°  
Surface accuracy  ≤0.5mm(R.M.S)  
Surface Treatment Surface: yellow priming paint and white finishing paint
Steal Parts: sand blasting, thermal spraying zinc, yellow priming paint and white finishing paint
work wind speed  operating range without degradation 20.8m/s,degrease precision work 28.4m/s
Collect wind speed  35m/s
Non-destroy wind speed  55m/s
Temperature  -40ºC ~ 60ºC(outdoor),-20ºC ~ 55ºC(indoor)
Humidity  0%  ~ 100%
Seismic(survival)  0.3G's(horizontal),0.15G's(Vertical)
 Solar Radiation  360BTU/h/ft2
Icing depth  3cm