Capital winter is not a bad thing, smart hardware is like this winter

The smart hardware boom is about to pass, but the real explosion has never been seen. What followed was the endless cold of the capital, and many venture capital institutions may face difficulties in fundraising and entrepreneurial financing. I don't think this is a bad thing. It can make the virtual fire of the intelligent hardware drop, making the intelligent hardware startup more rational, which may make more explosions, and it is not known.

As the Netease Future Technology Summit held on October 15th, Ming Ming Capital founder Huang Mingming conveyed, the capital winter itself will not be a bad thing, "Many of the outstanding enterprises in Silicon Valley are in 98, 99 years. A wave of Silicon Valley technology grows up in the cold winter, and rises up in difficulties, it will breed more and more great companies."

Lei Haibo, the founder of the incubator, told Netease Technology, "This cold current may last for six months to a year. It may be better to explain it with the observation period." In his eyes, this is not a bad thing, in the cold capital of capital. With the help of it, intelligent hardware will also return to the essence of hardware.

On October 15th, at the new product launch conference of the domestic motorcycle fashion brand Yunzhi Technology held in Beijing, Shen Zhen, founding partner of Mi Cang Capital, said in an interview with the media that during the winter, it is precisely those startups with clear value orientation. When it comes to the fore, and this type of startup is that Micang Capital is willing to invest.

In the global APP development creative hegemony to create rich China China smart hardware special event, IDG Capital Vice President Lou Jun said that the previous smart hardware bubble is too heavy, and now gradually return to rational. There is nothing wrong with the Internet of Things and smart hardware. The mobile APP has the limit of meeting the needs of users. It is almost time to come. This era needs some new hardware to meet the experience that software can provide. I want to be smart hardware and should not be scared this winter.

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