Come to the exhibition in advance one day in advance, listen to the LED lighting "life and death"

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Luo Shenghua] At the end of April, the 2014 annual report of all LED listed companies will come to an end, and the lighting industry “3 billion” army will also add members. With the further advancement of LED transformation, for lighting companies, “grab the market” is undoubtedly a necessary business route.

On June 8th, at the "Thirteenth High-tech LED Industry Summit Forum" held at Langham Place, Guangzhou Nanfeng, the "life and death war" of lighting enterprises will become the focus of the issue.

“Although the prophecy about the bubble itself has always been more than the bubble, the background of each fanaticism is the same, but if the colder winter comes, are you ready to deal with the crisis?” The film Wolf of Wall Street The classic lines describe the current status of lighting companies as appropriate.

"Any strategic choice should not be imagined. In addition to conforming to the big trend, it must be compatible with its own advantages and the stage of development. The goal can be grand, but the road must be step by step." Sanxiong Aurora Chen Songhui, the general manager, believes that the current status of the ambush after the pursuit of the military in the test of the operation and management capabilities of the lighting companies, but also test the patience between each enterprise's decision-making level.

The escalating channels compete for battles to seize the headlines of industry news. Lighting companies, dealers, and industry media are talking about the sales performance of all parties in the "Double Eleven", e-commerce, O20, cross-border, every marketing means. Upgrade, there is always someone like the prophet to discuss the final competitive landscape of the terminal lighting market.

However, although the overall output value of the LED downstream application market has been greatly improved, the LED lighting terminal market has shown a trend of high and low, and the frequent “missing tide” and “closing tide” have once again confirmed the cost. Under the pressure of market competition, lighting companies are facing the challenge of reshuffle. In this process, channels and brands are the key factors that determine the ultimate competitive landscape of the company.

“The LED lighting era has changed in terms of product prices, channel construction, and talent team. This has disrupted the information system inherent in the traditional lighting period, resulting in asymmetry in the short-term information system. The local lighting industry needs to be competitive. Reconstruction," said Sun Yong, general manager of Sunshine Lighting.

Guan Yong explained that this reconstruction includes both the reconstruction of market positioning and the reconstruction of the brand system. With the full development of LED product transformation, the timing of the re-layout of lighting enterprise channels has arrived.

In terms of channel construction, first-line lighting brands such as Philips, Sunshine Lighting, Sanxiong and Aurora are striving to expand the investment in e-commerce channels and diversify channel integration while accelerating the deepening of LED product layout in the fourth- and fifth-tier cities.

But at the same time, the light-emitting LED billion yuan invested in the "channel competition" has little effect and the dealers' visibility after the "NVC lighting infighting" has reflected the difficulty and complexity behind the channel construction to a certain extent.

In addition, with the intensification of shuffling, the lighting market and the dealers themselves are also in a state of polarization, with large dealers accelerating their expansion and small dealers keeping their lives. The full competition between the industry, the competition between the upstream and the downstream, and the competition pattern of the physical channels in various regions have been reshuffled.

In this regard, many distribution agents have fallen into a collective anxiety and incitement. Those who had been familiar with the market operation now have to re-examine this ever-changing market environment, and they have to face the new challenges and competition with the "empty cup clear" mentality.

In brand casting, all lighting brands have spared no effort to increase investment in brand promotion. For example, Sunlight invited Lu Yi as a spokesperson, and Jiamei Lighting directly invested in CCTV.

“LED lighting shuffling has been fully launched. In 2015, the time for brand companies to carry out comprehensive channel cleaning has arrived.” Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, Chairman of Gaogong LED stressed.

The battle for the LED lighting market has swept through every corner, and the terminal channel has become a piece of iron for the funds to burn red. In the terminal lighting market where “you sing me on the stage”, the differentiation between enterprises is intensifying, and the strength of enterprises is obviously different.

At that time, all lighting companies will conduct in-depth discussions on the above topics at the 13th High-tech LED Industry Summit Forum. Let us wait and see.

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