Dongbei orders Wang Q4 LED lighting accounted for more than 35%

Dongbei's consolidated revenue in November was 877 million yuan, which was the same as that in October, up 60% from the same month last year. Due to the booming LED lighting orders, Dongbei estimates that the fourth quarter of this year's lighting revenue is expected to surpass the backlight, accounting for revenue. The proportion is expected to exceed 35%, driving the fourth quarter results in the off-season is not weak, the legal person estimates, the fourth quarter of Dongbei is expected to decline by about 5% compared with the third quarter.

Dongbei's consolidated revenue in November was 877 million yuan, up 60% from the same month last year; the cumulative revenue from January to November was 8.347 billion yuan, up 25.87% over the same period last year.

Dongbei said that in the fourth quarter of this year, LED customers' demand is obviously not weak in the off-season. In addition to the continuous warming of new lighting bulb orders, the shipment of high-end smart phone backlight products has also grown, except for the international manufacturers. In addition to support, new customers were introduced smoothly, and only large-size TV backlight products showed off-season performance in the fourth quarter.

The orders for Dongbei's November bulbs and lighting fixtures have increased greatly. After the Lunar New Year next year, it is obvious that the production speed is difficult to cope with. It is expected that another 1-2 assembly lines will be expanded early next year. It is estimated that the monthly production capacity of bulbs will be In the second quarter of this year, 2 million will increase to 3 million, and will continue to expand at the beginning of next year. That is to say, Dongbei will be completed by the end of this year to meet the 2015 LED replacement lighting explosion.

In addition, in the high-end smart phone backlight products, high-performance color gamut products were successfully introduced by new customers in the fourth quarter. At the same time, they have negotiated with customers to complete the expansion plan for the first quarter of next year, and customer demand continues to increase. Dongbei stressed that the mainstream of backlight products this year and next year, in addition to emphasis on size, thinning and high resolution, while strengthening the performance of the ultra-high color gamut (WCG, Wide Color Gamut), the international factory in the first half of this year The WCG high-performance color gamut application has been preferentially introduced into the brand's flagship model, including mobile communication products such as smart phones and tablet products. In the second half and next year, more brands and models will be featured in WCG backlights.

Due to the substantial growth of lighting products shipments, Dongbei's third quarter lighting revenue accounted for more than 30%, estimated to reach more than 35% in the fourth quarter, the fourth quarter lighting revenue will exceed the large-size TV backlight revenue, also Becoming an important kinetic energy to push up Dongbei's performance next year.

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