Ensure that the failure rate of the entire electronic equipment is reduced

Especially when the single-tube system is used, as the percentage of the heat dissipation of the vertical branch pipes in the total heat supply increases, the effect on the indoor temperature is increased, and thus the vertical temperature imbalance of the building is exacerbated. This article focuses on analysis and discussion in this regard.

The calculation and analysis of the influence of the neutral branch pipe cooling of the single pipe system on the indoor temperature. The general treatment of pipe heat dissipation in the design. For the heat dissipation of the pipe in the heating system, the total heat in the room should be calculated in the calculation method specified in the design code. However, so far, many designers have not calculated the heat dissipation according to the design requirements, but considered it as a design margin. This is considered to be safe and easy, resulting in overheating and vertical temperature unevenness in the upper part of the building. phenomenon. Some design units have adopted only the heat dissipation of the top-layer exposed main pipes and not the heat dissipation of the riser pipes. They believe that the rooms of each floor have riser pipes of approximately the same length, and the pipe diameter of the riser pipes is small, and the heat dissipation is not large. For the convenience of calculation, this part of heat dissipation is used as the insurance margin for rooms with standing branches. Therefore, when designing, those components that are worried about exceeding the allowable temperature can be placed under the printed circuit board to ensure that they are effectively cooled, thereby ensuring that the failure rate of the entire electronic equipment is greatly reduced. Obviously, this method is inappropriate, because the proportion of the heat dissipation of the vertical branch pipes accounts for the heat load even in general buildings. At this time, because one room is less than the other room due to the lack of vertical pipes, two rooms are heated. The amount of difference.

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