Hifiman MegaMini lossless music player

MegaMini has been handed for a long time. It seems that I haven't written this little guy yet. After the year is not too busy, have time to write this small thing well ~

Because it has been out of the box for a long time, then come a fake out of the box ~

First look at the appearance of this little thing:

Different from Megamini and Supermini, the color is mainly silver. It looks more fresh and small. The whole machine is CNC-cut by aluminum alloy. The surface is sandblasted ~ oh, there are ~ cutting ~ sharp edges ~ and Megamini is in the key structure. Also on the adjustment, in the front, there are four physical buttons, only the volume side and power button ~ (of course, the power button is also a lock screen button) ~ button is also added a function label ~ operation is more handy ~

Megamini's 3.5mm and USB ports are all on the bottom of the fuselage - there is also a TF card slot at the bottom ~ Megamini is no body memory ~

Megamini only has an ordinary 3.5mm headphone port ~ no balanced headphone port ~ but for the general earplug ~ this is not a problem ~

Megamini's screen is a color LCD screen, not as powerful as the mobile phone's screen, but the brightness is still good ~ the display is also quite clear ~ and can show the album cover this ~ even said it is very satisfied ah ~ if you can show the lyrics ~ better It~

In terms of appearance, Megamini inherits HIFIMAN's true men's style, but there is also a slick literary fresh-silver CNC case that looks more stylish~ suits a wider audience. In this face-watching era, Megamini fits most people's aesthetics. ~BTW, this shell seems to be able to engrave ~ if there is a custom shell ~ better ~

Let's talk about Megamini's voice. This should be everyone's concern.

HIFIMAN home products have a lot of ~ just use, feel than the previous HIFIMAN product sounds more light, a lot of fresh ~ ~ tone is still more distinctive ~ listened to for some time ~ then talk briefly ~

From tri-band, it is still more resistant to ~

High-frequency moderate ~ not particularly bright ~ very resistant to ~ not stimulate ~ IF more scratching, relatively soft, delicate degree is very good ~ partial neutral ~ sound fuller ~ low frequency strength enough ~ but the sense of volume is not particularly large ~ layered and More detailed details ~

Finally talk about collocation:

There are not many hand plugs, most of which are men's homes. So, let’s talk briefly.

First of all, talk about your own version of the Edition S (Shan new version): a lot of this mix is ​​to listen to ACG~ but I'm not the ACG party ~ just look at the value of Yan ~

I often listened to the Beatles Megamini with EDS Yamashina, and it was not surprising that the Beatles were a bit vocal. Beth's grainy feeling is strong. Transient is good. The voice is strong and solo is not procrastinating.

Let's talk about own custom earplugs: RE1000

The RE1000 is a custom ear bud that HIFIMAN and UM collaborated with. I'm looking for a backboard for my friend to help me draw. It's still pretty good. Closer to home, with the Megamini and RE1000, the overall performance is very stable, mellow, and the whole is a little warm, but it is still neutral. The RE1000 uses the original wiring. The RE1000 under the original line forms a good complement with the Megamini. It feels more abundant at low frequencies.

Finally talk about the more popular bird plugs in the past few days.

The yellowish flames have been raging for a while. Of course, there are many discussions now. The jaundice with the Megamini sounds warm and the vocals are sweet. It feels like an elegant woman and has a very strong emotion.

To take a photo:

to sum up:

Megamini's strength lies in long life, no heat, small size, light weight and portability. Moreover, although the volume is small, the performance is not bad. Support a variety of formats music files ~ long time listening does not have a feeling of irritation or boring ~ thrust and Supermini is not the same, not too big, mainly with earbuds and portable headphones ~ ~ IF is sweeter, but with too exciting Occasionally earplugs still have small teeth

Overall, individuals are quite satisfied with the Megamini ~ suitable for street ~ easy to use ~

The above points of view are all representative of individuals. Don't like to spray them. Thank you for watching.

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