ITRI ​​published a full plastic LED bulb with a 330 degree illumination angle

Recently, the Institute of Electro-Technology of the Institute of Technology published the world's first all-plastic LED bulb with a 330-degree illumination angle, named "Light&Light". The bulb can not be broken, light weight, high luminous efficiency, and has good heat dissipation effect and simple process. The director of the Institute of Electro-Optics of the Industrial Technology Research Institute pointed out that it is believed that a new revolution in LED lighting applications will be set off.

Light&Light LED bulbs use a heat-dissipating plastic that spreads over the surface of the bulb to replace the traditional metal heat sink architecture, plus special design assistance to expand the heat sink area, solve heat dissipation problems, and extend lamp life. With the idea of ​​LED backlights, the researchers developed a flexible polycrystalline light source module with small crystal grains, with a 330-degree large illumination angle, and only 9.8-watt LED bulbs to achieve the traditional 60-watt incandescent lamp effect.


MOSO Fixed Output LED Driver is a type of compact size, IP67, high quality LED driver with cost efficiency working in constant current mode. This control gear is designed for industrial LED light fixtures, like linear or round high bay, low bay lights, or flood lights, canopy lights in industrial area, or factories, warehouses.

Fixed Output LED DriverFixed Output LED Driver 1

This Fixed Output LED Driver got global safety certifications, including UL, CE, TUV, CB, ENEC, SAA, BIS, etc. The LED control gear has universal input voltage, from 90~305Vac. It is a reliable product compatible with various application and different countries. 


Due to the high IP rating, the LED power supply can be used for dry, damp, wet locations. It is suitable for built-in a luminaire body, or it can be installed outside of the fixture.  The perfect cooling design can ensure the product reliability and long lifetime for at least 50,000hours operation at least) minimum. Drivers with dimming 0~10V & PWM is available. 


MOSO grants the product with 5 years global warranty. Customer can refer to Warranty Policy, find the closest MOSO distributors or sales representatives, to get a local replacement in case of any failure.

Fixed Output LED Driver

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