Japan plans to stop approval of emerging nuclear power plants to encourage the use of LED energy-saving lamps

[High-tech LED News] After the earthquake in Japan, when the peak electricity consumption in the eastern region was peaked, the situation of power cuts was very serious. Japan is considering a new nuclear energy policy. Recently, the Director of the National Environment Agency of the Ministry of the Environment of Japan said that by next year, In the month, Japan will stop the approval of all emerging nuclear power plants.

On the one hand, Japan's resources and energy are relatively scarce, so Japan will encourage enterprises to develop clean energy such as solar energy and water energy, and strive to achieve energy diversification. On the other hand, Japan will increase the development and application of energy-saving technologies. The director also said that the government now encourages residents to use LED energy-saving lamps. If households install energy-saving heating systems, they will receive financial support from the government.

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