Jingdian denied that mergers and acquisitions emphasize no merger or acquisition plan

LED chip maker Jingdian yesterday (18) will be convened to hold a board of directors, and it is scheduled to announce the news of the merger in the afternoon, stimulating the stock price to hit the daily limit of 29.5 yuan NT$, and the transaction volume broke through 70,000. However, the M&A news was denied earlier by the spokesman of the company, Zhang Shixian.

Zhang Shixian denied the market rumors and said that only the business meeting was held yesterday, emphasizing that Jingdian did not have any plans for active mergers or acquisitions. In December last year, the market reported that the mainland LED factory Mulinsen intends to acquire crystal power, but it was denied by the Mulinsen executives at the time, and said that it will focus on the Osram lighting business, hope to achieve a complementary integrated supply chain, the results are expected 2016 The second quarter of the year is set.

Recently, LED stocks including Jingdian have benefited from the energy policy proposed by the new president Tsai Ing-wen, and the stock price continues to be stimulated. In the past, Jingdian has actively adjusted its strategy and manpower, integrated plant resources, and reduced inventory and new LED products, and its performance is expected to improve. As for whether there are any further merger plans, there is no exact explanation for the current crystal power.

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