MediaTek steals NFC talent

The IC Design Leading MediaTek (2454) started its spring renewal job. In addition to continuing the search for operating system Andriod talents at the end of last year, it also included NFC technology talents that have received attention this year to attack the mobile payment market and strengthen the low-cost smart Cellular combat effectiveness.

In the fundamental part of operations, due to the disruption of the Chinese New Year holiday in January, the market expects that MediaTek’s revenue should fall below the 7 billion yuan mark in this month, and the overall first quarter performance will be lower than the 22,624 million yuan in the fourth quarter of last year. This is the operating low this year.

Because NFC can be used to transform portable devices such as mobile phones into swipe payment tools and become electronic purses, this year, the NFC market is well-regarded, especially as a technology for mobile phone chip makers to increase the added value of products, not only the international maker Broadcom. Infineon actively grabbed, and Taiwanese factory F- Morningstar has also launched related products.

To meet the demand for low-cost smart phones, MediaTek recruited 300 people across the strait in the second half of last year, and ran the Andriod-related talents for smart phones. As it was not easy to raise 300 talents who are familiar with Andriod, this talent recruitment plan is ongoing and has been included in this year's highly anticipated NFC software R&D and system design engineers to prepare for stepping into the mobile payment market.

MediaTek is also an external software developer for GNSS (Satellite Navigation System).

MediaTek stated that last year it would only explain the amount of talents it had to recruit for more Andriod talents. This year's recruitment plan is routine and the total amount will not change.

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