North Union Electric Power Co., Ltd. Baotou No. 1 Thermal Power Plant Limestone Powder (250 meshes) Purchase Tender Notice

Northern Union ink" style="word-break: break-all; font-weight: normal; padding: 0px 3px;">Caozhao Co., Ltd. Baotou No. 1 Thermal Power Plant Limestone Powder (250 mesh) Purchase Tender Notice

Tender conditions

The tendering project has already met the conditions for tendering, and an open tender for the procurement of limestone powder (250 meshes) at the Baotou No. 1 Thermal Power Plant of the Northern Joint Mining and Recruiting Co., Ltd. is now underway.

2. The tender number: HM035-YDSHSF-2016

3. Project overview and scope of tender

(1) Project Overview:

Project Name: Northern Union Coal Mining Co., Ltd. Baotou No. 1 Thermal Power Plant Limestone Powder (250 mesh) Purchase

Location: Northern Joint Venture Co., Ltd. Baotou No. 1 Thermal Power Plant

Duration: According to Party A's request.

(2) The scope of tender:

Particle size ≤ 0.065mm (95% above 250 mesh)

Calcium oxide (Ca0) ≥ 50%

Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) ≥ 90%

Magnesium Oxide (mg0) 0.13%

Silica (Si02) <3%

Alumina (Al2O3) 0.47%

Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) 0.87%

Note: The above content is ultimately based on the bidding documents.

4. Bidder qualification requirements

1. It has the right of enterprise legal person of the People's Republic of China and the right to independently conclude a contract, and has a corresponding scope of business;

2. Must be a general taxpayer;

3. The authorized person must be the bidder's employee of the company;

4, with the corresponding service capabilities;

5, does not accept the Commonwealth bid;

6, with similar performance;

7. Has the ability to perform contracts, including professional, technical qualifications and capabilities, capital, equipment and other physical facilities, management capabilities, experience, credibility and the corresponding practitioners;

8. Not being ordered to suspend business, the bid qualification was cancelled, property was taken over, frozen, bankruptcy;

9. In the past three years, no fraudulent bid, serious breach of contract and major project quality problems have been defrauded;

10. In the past three years, there was no commitment in the project construction of the joint mining and recruiting limited liability company in the north.

11. The manufacturer shall issue a test report issued by a nationally-recognized third party to allow the agent to submit a bid. The agent shall provide the manufacturer's authorized power of attorney and the inspection report issued by the manufacturer's state-approved third party and shall be affixed with the official seal of the manufacturer.

The above requirements must be satisfied at the same time, and all interested bidders can participate.

5. When, where and how to register and obtain tender documents

5.1 Time: November 14, 2016 - 17:00, August 17, 2016, overdue will no longer be accepted. (From 8:30 to 12:00 and 2:30 to 5:00 in the afternoon;)

5.2 The potential bidder must provide two copies of the following materials (A4 paper glued into a book and stamped with the official seal of the company).

(1) business license of corporate legal person (copy);

(2) organization code certificate (copy);

(3) National and local tax registration certificates (copy) (must provide general taxpayer certificates);

(4) Authorized power of attorney of the legal representative (unique authorization for the project);

(5) A photocopy of the authorized person's identity card and the employee's certificate of the company (provided by the company);

(6) A test report issued by a third party approved by the State;

(7) The agent must provide the manufacturer's power of attorney and a test report issued by a nationally recognized third party;

(8) Related performance contracts.

5.4 The potential bidders who passed the registration waited for the purchase of the tender documents by Inner Mongolia Magnesium Bidding Agency Co., Ltd.

6. Qualification

The tender will be conducted after the qualification examination. After the bid opening, the legal advisor will conduct unified qualification examination. See the tender documents for details. In the qualification examination, if the originals provided by the bidder are incomplete or unqualified, they cannot pass the qualification examination and their bid documents will be rejected.

7. Submission of bid documents

7.1 deadline for submission of tender documents and opening time and place: see the tender documents.

7.2 The tenderer shall not accept the tender documents delivered late or not delivered to the designated place.

Contact: Qian Yong





In order to ensure that you can bid smoothly, please consult the bidding agency or the tenderer for detailed requirements for bidding before bidding or purchasing the bidding documents. The specific requirements and project conditions shall be interpreted by the bidding agency or the tenderee.

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