OLED display technology commercial application, digital signage into a stepping stone?

In the commercial large-screen market in 2015, OLED display has clearly become a presence that cannot be ignored. Under the strong promotion of large-screen display companies represented by Samsung and LG, OLED displays have successfully broken the constraints of size and opened. The large-size display mode and even the high-profile introduction of splicing products have made people have higher expectations for their application in the commercial field.

Entering the market, OLED display companies value digital signage

Into the business, where is the opportunity for OLED display? For now, digital signage applications have become the focus of the promotion of enterprises. For example, in June 2015, Samsung officially launched a digital signage application for mirrored OLED displays and transparent OLED displays, and plans to integrate Intel's RealSense technology in the future to develop virtual fitting rooms and interactive numbers controlled by gestures and sounds. Signage application; LG not only launched a convex OLED panel for large-scale outdoor digital signage applications in May 2015, but also clearly stated at the end of the year that it will officially launch the OLED digital signage business in 2016.

From the above analysis, it is not difficult to see that digital signage has been regarded as a typical breakthrough for the commercial promotion of OLED displays. In many applications, digital signage can stand out from the crowd. This is inseparable from the super inclusiveness of the digital signage itself.

As the scope of applications continues to expand, the needs of industry users are becoming more diversified, and in order to meet the market demand to the greatest extent, the application form of digital signage is also diversified - in addition to the traditional advertising machine form, LCD splicing screen DLP splicing screens and LED displays, etc., can be called digital signage applications with appropriate solutions, thus providing a space for OLED display, the strong penetration of this "latecomer".

Of course, for digital signage applications, OLED displays also have their own advantages - compared to traditional large-screen display products, OLED digital signage is not only thinner in appearance, but also can be attached according to application requirements (for example, LGD launched) A 55-inch OLED ultra-thin wallpaper panel with a thickness of only 0.97 mm and a weight of 1.9 kg, and can be easily attached to the wall with a magnet and can be removed as needed). With the maturity of liquid crystal display technology, the innovation space for LCD digital signage has been very limited, and the digital signage industry itself is an industry that relies on creativity to stimulate potential. In this case, as a new thing, OLED digital signage is unique. Lightweight and flexible installation will undoubtedly provide a new and innovative fertile ground for the enterprises.

The inclusiveness of the industry itself and the rigid demands of the industry itself have opened up digital signage for OLED displays, and have been regarded as a breakthrough in the commercial promotion of OLED displays by practitioners.

High-end market opportunities and challenges are not easy to coexist with OLED digital signage companies

Although it is highly anticipated, can digital signage really be a big responsibility? At this stage, as an emerging technology, the application cost of OLED display is relatively high, which determines that OLED digital signage is temporarily unable to adapt to the public. Application market. This can also be seen from the marketing strategy of the operating companies. Take LG's OLED digital signage promotion strategy as an example. It plans to start with large digital signage products in public places, such as international airports, and then gradually expand the product line. In actual operation, the digital signage application of international airports, with the basic requirements of large size and high standards, is undoubtedly a typical representative of high-end applications.

Based on the long-term development of the market, it has to be said that choosing a high-end market is a shortcut to the OLED digital signage. Not to mention the high-end display market's ability to accept higher costs (the higher application cost of OLED digital signage can not be adjusted overnight), that is, the high-end display market is valued for creativity, and it is exactly what OLED digital signage promotion is urgently needed— - Under the premise that LCD digital signage can meet the application requirements, what is the OLED digital signage? It is of course more amazing, and the strong creative demand provides a broader platform for innovation.

Compared with traditional digital signage products, OLED digital signage has its own unique advantages. However, to meet the needs of users, to create amazing application effects, the key lies in the creative integrated solutions provided by the enterprises. For example, in international airport applications, in addition to matching with the application environment, application equipment, etc., it must also meet the individual needs of industry users. To be comprehensive, the powerful comprehensive service capabilities of OLED digital signage companies have become the basic guarantee for market expansion. Based on the promotion of OLED digital signage, the improvement of the professional threshold of the high-end digital signage market has become inevitable, and the change is inevitable.

There are opportunities for change. Because of the high-profile landing of OLED digital signage, the inherent pattern of the high-end digital signage market has been broken (the composition of the manufacturers' camps, industry perceptions, etc. have changed), and the resulting opportunities are not exclusively for OLED digital signage companies. Strictly speaking, OLED digital signage is not a pioneer in the high-end digital signage market, but a veritable land grabber. It not only faces the rival of LCD digital signage, but also has a strong promotion of small-pitch LED display. The coexistence of internal pressures and external pressures in the industry means that market opportunities exist, but it is not easy for OLED digital signage companies to grasp them. After looking for the general direction, how to further highlight its own charm will become the key to the breakthrough of OLED digital signage enterprises.

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