Opportunities and challenges of M2M communication in automotive electronics applications

Relying on huge market opportunities, M2M has become another important frontier in the field of mobile connectivity. As one of the first areas where M2M is put into commercial use, M2M communication applications in the automotive transportation market have long been widely developed. With a cellular wireless transceiver installed in mobile assets such as trucks, buses and heavy equipment, the management back office exchanges bi-directional data with the vehicle and monitors vehicle location, travel time, fuel consumption and maintenance status anytime, anywhere. In particular, we invite Mr. Shen Jianguo, General Manager of the Module Business Unit of Xuntong Wireless Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to share with you the opportunities, challenges and solutions that may exist in specific applications.

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M2M communication market trends and demand trends

The global M2M market has maintained a shipment growth of more than 20% in recent years. According to market research firm ABI Research, shipments to the global M2M market will reach 56 million in 2012. Since 2002, SIMCom has maintained an average growth rate that exceeds the industry average. Although the financial crisis has greatly slowed the growth rate of M2M, its growth has not diminished.

M2M application scenarios are increasing, from industrial application scenarios to family, community, school and mobile scenarios. With the rise and implementation of the concept of IoT, it is expected that these applications will be more broad, and M2M will maintain strong growth in the next few years. With the Chinese government and industry's emphasis on the Internet of Things and the vigorous promotion of the industry, we expect the domestic market M2M and the Internet of Things industry to greatly exceed the growth rate of the global market.

From the demand of M2M for wireless communication modules, customers require module suppliers to provide powerful, stable, reliable, multi-module module products, and require module suppliers to provide more comprehensive design services and technical support.

The development of emerging automotive electronics applications currently faces challenges and risks

The automotive electronics industry application is a major direction of M2M applications. The automotive electronic application environment is much worse than other M2M applications. It has strict requirements for high temperature resistance, vibration resistance, shock resistance, radiation resistance and antistatic performance of the terminal products. At the same time, the industry has strict system certification for the vehicle terminal product suppliers. Claim.

Current communication electronic chips can basically meet the general M2M applications, but for upstream chip manufacturers and module manufacturers, more reliability tests are needed to screen and ensure that the final products meet the requirements of the automotive industry.

In fact, the wireless communication module has long been used in the automotive industry for many applications, such as taxi/bus dispatch management, logistics industry vehicle management, bus private car theft tracking, dangerous goods transportation tracking and so on. Our in-vehicle modules are also used in a large number of applications. At present, the telematics for passenger cars/private cars that are gradually emerging in China is also a direction we focus on and participate in.

SIMCom solutions help customers address these challenges or risks

SIMCom offers a complete solution for both product and technical services. SIMCom's SIM900 series products, such as SIM900, SIM900A, SIM900B and other temperature ranges can be supported to -40~+85°, and have been used in batches in some car customers.

SIMCom has a technical support team with expert experience, and cooperates with the agent's technical service team to provide customers with good service from the beginning of design to the certification test mass production stage, thus greatly reducing the number of services. The development risks faced by customers. We will introduce products that suit the needs of the market for different stages of the market and the needs of our customers. At present, 2G products SIM900 series, 3G standard WCDMA module SIM521x series and TD-SCDMA series products are our main products.

Compared with our competitors, good technical service, expert experience and cost-effective products have always been our strengths. Since its inception in 2002, SIMCom has had deep technical accumulation and expert experience. Our product line is rich, covering GSM/GPRS, EDGE, TD, WCDMA, SRD, GPS, etc.; product series certification is also comprehensive, can support our thousands of customers worldwide and a wide range of application industries; newly developed GSM /GPRS product SIM900 series, ARM9-based processing core, supplemented by our unique Embedded AT, can broaden the customer's application and make the customer's design more flexible.

868mhz Antenna Description

The Gold-plated elbow rod antenna is 868/915mhz wireless digital/special meter reading communication system design of the antenna.The antenna standing wave ratio performance is good, small dimension, structure, easy installation, stable performance, has the very good anti vibration and aging.


Center Frequency: 868~915MHz

Polarization: Vertical Polarization

Gain: 3.0dBi

V.S.W.R: <=1.5

Impedance: 50Ω

Maximum power: 10W

Connector: SMA-JW

Radome Material: ABS

Connector Material: Copper

Length: 100mm

Weight: 8.3g

Operation Temperature: -40℃~+85℃

Relative Humidity: Up to 95%

868mhz antenna

868mhz Antenna

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