Pocket Premium Buy Thinkpad Laptop Experience

Reasons to purchase

(You can say your own buying needs, comparison experience, and final choice reasons)

Recently, the old ThinkPad X61 screen is getting yellow, and the ssd is blue screen from time to time. The t410 keyboard is broken, and Taobao bought an English keyboard. The result is a French keyboard, and tells me that there is no English keyboard.

Well, buying a new machine is too expensive. You don't want to go to Taobao, salted fish, or used computer cities to buy two phones. Let's take a look at the new egg overseas, and found that several affordable hp elitebooks are out of stock. I remember there was a pocket of excellent products, and a while ago, a group of t420s was sold. I feel that the price is good. Just hurry to see.

Found that there is no t420s excellent pocket products, but there are x230i, with i are low with, x230 is a machine 5 years ago. 1599 yuan price, not too cheap, but the x230 can easily replace the battery, memory and hard drive, in fact, and the x61 structure is very close, but the widescreen. Then buy it, at least the performance is better than 3999 miix4, can also solve the problem of daily meeting use it.

Appearance Gallery

(Look for a well-lit place to take multi-angle photographs of beautiful and beautiful pictures and show the appearance of the goods here)

The order was placed on February 11, and on February 12th, the pocket good product was sent to Shunfeng, the slowest slum every other day. On February 14, Shunfeng lost it to the unit guard. More than one day later than regular SF.

The machine is still a bit depressed after it is opened.

The machine comes with a master Lu, open the first picture to see

Lu master another screen. . . 45% battery loss.

The machine comes with a batterymon

A surface can still

Positive looking can still

Keyboard function keys tilted

Pitfall interface

Pitfall interface

80 percent of it is worse than the x61 I used for 9 years.

Full Computer City Fragile Sticker

The warranty started last October? Fragile stickers are Computer City style. . . Zhongguancun Style

Adapter power cord received the core yesterday, revealing the core, customer service is normal 80 percent new, strictly tested before delivery

1. The ThinkPad x230i received was obviously repaired. There is a gap that cannot be closed at the top left side of the screen. It has been shining lightly over the mouth; the pocket gifted customer service emphasizes that it is used, so there is no way, and all the machines are called for demolition. Open inspection. Asked whether the customer service opened the screen to remove the bad card. It was their service. He said that there was no way to do it, or it would be shipped back to see if it could be returned. However, full refunds and shipping fees are not guaranteed.
2. All usb interfaces, vga interfaces, etc. are very old, absolutely did not do the official website claims that the depth of cleanliness, a new look. The pocket gifted customer service emphasizes that it is used, so there is no way.
3. The power adapter is not a third-party security product, but it is most likely an overseas version of foreign garbage. The charging cable has been broken. Pocket customer service has repeatedly stressed that it can be charged as long as it refuses to send a secure power adapter.
4. Nominally 80% of new thinkpads, according to the opinion of customers in the pocket excellent products, the battery loss is below 20%. However, I have received more than 45% of the measured battery losses. Screenshots have been sent to customer service. I asked for a replacement of 80% of the new batteries. The first priority for the pocket excellent product customer service is that the battery appearance should reach 80 percent. Then said, then send the machine back to test to see. Is not willing to promise to send a new battery.
5. A machine inspection certificate is required to provide proof that the Pocket Premium Customer Service provided a proof of proof and stated that all inspections proved to be free of machine serial numbers. How can this guarantee that this machine is strictly inspected and cleaned? Claiming to be not a refurbished machine, but two 2G memory is produced in 2010, and the motherboard is produced in 2012.
6. It is required to provide proof of purchase source of the machine and purchase invoice according to the description of the website. This is a confidential product and cannot be provided. Due to the fragile stickers on the used computer city on the machine, the warranty start date is October 2016, and the suspected source of supply is from used assembly shops.

experience feelings

The machine works, and the gap on the left side of the screen glows. . .

1599 yuan I think is expensive, this estimate is also bad character. Customer service is also like this, don't be too serious, and its home service is not comparable to Jingdong's. What you want is a machine that fits its description, not a simple return, a refund (a full refund cannot be guaranteed). After a little payment, I didn't feel the urge.

Accessories must pay attention.

to sum up

Now, Pocket Premium products seem to be more suitable for friends who can make suggestions. For brothers who are not in Beijing or Shanghai, they should carefully consider and try their luck.

Its products can't be used to make comments like Jingdong, and they can't see the actual opinions. This is a pit. The quality of customer service needs to be improved. It is hard to imagine such a store can succeed.

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