Preventing "Spider-Man" Smart Home Building Invisible Security Network

OFweek smart home network news: "The government asked to dismantle the security net, how to protect the family's life and property, in case someone burglary?" Nowadays, many cities have dismantled the anti-theft network to realize the landscape renovation, but it has aroused the concern of the majority of residents, and what to use as a patron saint to prevent thieves from entering the house. In this regard, security experts said that residents should improve their security awareness, may wish to install smart home, build a three-dimensional defense system, multiple defenses to prevent cases from happening.

Theft of the anti-theft network has led to an increase in theft

It is understood that in 2000, in accordance with the State Council's "Proposal on the Prohibition of Installation of Anti-Theft Network in Residential Quarters", Guangzhou gradually began the demolition of anti-theft nets. In some areas such as Jiangsu and Zhejiang, in order to "the city's image is more beautiful," the security network is also being continuously removed. However, many families have reported that the anti-theft network has just been dismantled and there have been cases of theft at home, which makes people angry.

Mr. Li Yueming, who lives in Suzhou South, told reporters that the neighborhood committee informed him last month that the community had to dismantle the security network along the street in order to cope with the city's lighting. Mr. Li agreed without much thought. However, the trouble came one after another. After a week, the thief was patronized at home, losing cash and items, totaling more than 30,000 yuan. The police came to see the door and found that Mr. Li’s home was on the second floor, and it was easy for people to climb the balcony from the window. Two days later, Mr. Li’s family was next door to theft, and the gangsters also climbed into the balcony and broke into the house.

In response, many residents have put forward their opinions. They will either reinstall the demolition anti-theft network or ask the relevant departments to think of ways to strengthen the anti-theft facilities. The community security will increase the number of patrols to prevent theft. However, the results failed to do so. Now the problem is quite a headache for local residents and relevant departments.

The high incidence of burglary cases is a headache

The reporter learned that in recent years, burglary cases have remained high, seriously threatening the lives and property of the majority of families. In particular, the high-end community has become a new target for theft of gangsters. Many high-end communities and villas in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places have frequent theft cases. The owner has lost a lot of valuable property and cash, especially the thief’s burglary. A vicious bleeding case.

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