The speed and passion brought by light and shadow - Yimei's lighting design in the Lamborghini store in Guangzhou

There is such a brand, all the products it launches are madly sought after by fans. It is violent and unruly, it is arrogant and wild. Its body design is perfect, with a perfect combination of edges and lines to create a powerful piece of art. This is Lamborghini, not everyone can control, but with the most original atmosphere of their own conquered the world. Since entering the Chinese market, Lamborghini has also been sought after by many car enthusiasts.

1. Lighting theme settings

The lighting design of the Lamborghini store reflects the theme of its products to the greatest extent: rustic, wild, concise and coordinated. The biggest difference between car stores and other product monopolies is that they must maintain the spaciousness of the space. Therefore, the building displayed in front of us is full of modernity and atmosphere, and the whole environment gives a release of passion and tension.

In the design of lighting themes, designers will abandon the traditional lighting environment and the wide range of applications of color, but through the lighting design to continue the simple and atmospheric style, which highlights the sports car brought to consumers A kind of speed and passion.

When designing the exhibition hall, the designer combines the design of the product with the interior space according to the display characteristics of the sports car and the architectural features of the entire space to create a new lighting style, which will trigger the visual display of individual products and series products. Impact, through the consumer's visual sense to guide the psychological consumption, and the lighting it uses, can directly form the lighting effect of light and dark, to better highlight the texture, texture, color and rich level of the sports car, to deepen the analytical product the goal of.

In the processing of space, Shanghai Yimei staff conducted professional and targeted analysis based on years of experience, which will help the surrounding environment and its own environment to adjust the overall layout to maximize the space and make the overall and external environment. Natural integration, but the internal has a distinct sense of hierarchy and confusion, to achieve the perfect combination of functionality and appreciation. Use the most suitable luminaires to achieve the best lighting results. Using simple and vivid freehand expressions, the light expresses the visual enjoyment that Lamborghini brings us.

2. The level and distribution of lighting design

The Lamborghini store is divided into two main parts: the customer rest area and the product display area. Therefore, in the design and construction of lighting, we must also design different lighting combinations according to different functions. The humanized lighting settings reflect the care of Lamborghini in the details.

Product Showcase

As the world's top sports car, Lamborghini's visual impact is absolutely unprecedented, especially in close contact, even the air seems to be infected with its primitive wildness and charm. The lighting design of this area does not need to be overly complicated. The LED downlights and LED spotlights are used to make a layered combination, as if the wild "bull" is covered with a soft veil, which is a contradiction of unity and unity. Instantly concentrated with the mystery, clean and clean without losing strength.

The designer uses the multi-level and diversified lighting throughout the spatial sequence. The points, lines and faces brought by the spotlights, downlights and light and shadow are unified and harmonious, making the whole space more light and chic, spacious and smooth. The use of LED lighting is very good to pull into the distance between the fashion sports car and the people, with the effect of light and shadow, creating a rich layer and full of charm, this feeling, people are lost and more enjoyable.

Customer rest area

The main function of the customer's rest area is for consumers who come to buy a car to discuss and rest. This is the most relaxed and cozy place in the entire venue. Therefore, in the selection of lamps, the designer no longer chooses a single color temperature lighting, but a reasonable combination of cold and warm light source lighting, and uses soft diffused light to create a harmonious and relaxed atmosphere.

Here, we mainly use 5000K LED bean lamp and 4000K LED downlight to match. The lamp is compactly mounted on the ceiling. The whole space is filled with a soft warmth, and the warm light is indirectly illuminated. The technique is very good to make the light effect balance on the space wall, so that the three-dimensional effect of the wall can be better displayed, which not only enriches the sense of layering, but also softens the toughness of the whole space and makes people Relax physically and mentally.

3. Selection of lighting fixtures

In the choice of lighting fixtures, the designer selected LED lamps developed by Shanghai Yimei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. through comparison. LED light source is the most environmentally-friendly and energy-saving new light source. As a fashion and change-sensitive Lamborghini store, green and environmental protection have always been the concept to support its development. Therefore, when choosing a light source, LED is naturally the first choice.

Yimei's LED lighting fixtures are made of internationally renowned top LED chips such as Nichia and Samsung. The lamps are small and light, with high brightness, no glare and stable quality. With more than 90% light output, soft and uniform light effect, long life, maintenance-free, not only energy-saving cost, but also safe and reliable, it is a domestic high-end LED lighting products.

The lamps used in this project are mainly LED downlights produced by Shanghai Yimei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. The advantages of the products are as follows:

1. Using high-brightness LED as the light source, the brightness is higher than 80% of ordinary lighting fixtures.

2. All products have passed CE and ROSH certification, which is more reliable and safe.

3. Energy saving, long life, after 40,000 hours of use, the light decay is less than 30%. The cost of subsequent manual maintenance is low.

4. The lamp body is made of high-purity aluminum and is anodized after finishing. It has a simple and stylish appearance and never changes color.

5. All have been specially designed and anti-glare treatment, no noise.

6. It adopts high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy casing and has good heat dissipation.

7. Adopt high light guiding PMMA material, high light output efficiency and high light efficiency.

8. High efficiency and wide voltage power supply ensure the suitability and stability of the product.

9. Excellent thermal management can effectively ensure the long-term stable operation of the LED tube and effectively control the light attenuation problem.

10. It can be used in offices, shops, restaurants, schools, hospitals, airports, commercial and home lighting, etc. instead of traditional downlights.

Shanghai Yimei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Background:

Established in January 2004, Shanghai Yimei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of LED lighting products. The core team of the company has more than 10 years of experience in the LED industry, and develops dozens of products with advanced technology, novel style and high quality every year. The company passed ISO9001:2000 certification in 2007. All products are CE certified and RoHS compliant, and some products are GS and UL certified. More than 90% of the products are sold to Europe, North America, Asia and other countries and regions, and enjoy high reputation and popularity in the international market.

The LED lighting lamps produced by Shanghai Yimei Electronics are made of top-grade LED chips such as Nichia and Samsung. The products are exquisite and reliable in quality. They are favored by high-end home franchise places and builders and suppliers at home and abroad. At the same time, Yimei Electronics also Many well-known lighting design companies and lighting designers have created many classic and popular lighting projects. Light designers are welcome to contact us to create a new glory that belongs to energy-saving lighting! Tel:

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