Tianjin O'Brien Hotel Lighting Design

Olympian Hotel is an international boutique hotel supporting Tianjin Tianshi Industrial Park. The design of the hotel is modern and simple, and the design of the lobby is mainly composed of light-emitting ceilings. The interior design is mainly through the avant-garde. Modern, simple soft fittings to highlight the characteristics of the space.

The Outland Lobby is relatively simple compared to other hotels. The design focuses on the lobby bar. The lobby bar is positioned as the core of the hotel. It poses a big problem for lighting design. It is necessary to consider the decoration of the ceiling light and the ceiling light. The location problem, but also consider the harmony between the mutual illumination, the need to combine the impact and balance of the facade lighting on the indoor lighting, if combined with the intelligent dimming system to balance and solve it is easier to achieve, can communicate with the owners And coordination, the owner abandoned the use of intelligent dimming system, in this context to achieve lighting effects on the lighting design put forward higher requirements.

Lighting design requires more reasonable overall lighting planning, reasonable lighting loop control division and so on.

In order to reduce the running cost of lighting, combined with the interior designer to adopt the characteristics of light-transmissive ceiling, full use of natural light during the day, combined with the supplement of some artificial lighting, balance and perfect the light environment of the demand.

In the evening, you can pass through the skylights, so that people in this space can see the wonderful starry sky, create a return to the natural ecological sense of human beings, and create a warm and comfortable rest place. Especially in the lighting of the lobby bar, a decorative style decorative lantern is used, with the facade. Light-transmitting lamps are used to give the overall basic environment lighting needs, combined with the accent lighting of the ceiling light, through the light and dark relationship of light and shadow, or the light and shadow rhythm projected by the lamps to the ground, to create the fun and artistic of this space at night.

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