Ultrabook stimulates 4mm micro fan demand

Ultrabook stimulates 4mm micro fan demand Acer's second-generation Ultrabook-S5, reportedly using the latest 4mm micro fans for cooling, and 2nd generation Ultrabook makers including HP, Lenovo, Dell, and LG Electronics all expressed interest in adopting the 2nd generation of Ultrabooks. The 2nd generation Ultrabook will begin shipping in the second half of this year.

Sources pointed out that 4 mm is the thinnest micro-fan that can be produced by current technology. The original intention was to enter the mobile phone market. However, since the fan noise is not suitable for mobile phones, micro-fans are now entering the Ultrabook market.

Currently, most existing Ultrabooks use a 5.5 mm or 7 mm fan. The Acer S5 is the only Ultrabook that already uses a 4 mm micro fan. The standard fan is usually priced between $1.15-1.20, while the miniature fan price can reach $1.60-1.70.

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