US LED lighting penetration rate is rising year by year, 2020 is expected to reach 46%

According to the New York Times (NYT) quoted research firm Pike Research, in the US commercial, industrial and outdoor lighting markets, LED lighting is expected to reach 46% in 2020, the market size is 4.4 billion US dollars, meaning LED lighting is The market is about $2 billion in size.

Despite the high performance of LED lighting, although the price is high, it can be used for a long time. The cost of amortization will not be more expensive than the traditional light bulb. However, the current price level still makes consumers deterred. Including geeks (GE), Philips (Philips) and Panasonic are all working on the development of LED bulbs, but no one has ever lowered the cost to less than $40 each, which has made commercial users deterred.

However, Pike Research also pointed out that the price of LED lighting systems has continued to decline in recent years. Compared with the current popular incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lamps, LED lighting is not far from a more competitive date. In addition to being more attractive at the price point, government subsidies will also attract more commercial markets to embrace LED lighting.

Compared with the home market, the commercial market is more sophisticated in terms of investment and return. For example, high-performance data centers and LED lighting, as long as the initial investment returns in the future, the commercial market will invest faster than the home market, while the home users will It is very likely that the amount of the initial investment is too large to deter.

In addition, Pike expects that the government's LED lighting market will grow rapidly, and many municipal governments are large purchasers of LED Street Lights. In addition, many advanced investors have confirmed that the subsequent annual operating expenses have indeed been significantly reduced, which is expected to lead to more public sector adoption.

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