Zhiyun CRANE Yunhe M micro handheld mobile phone three-axis stabilizer

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After Wusun returned last year, he found that the video part was still too small. In many environments, the video could be restored to the scene better and more realistically, but it was not shot. After many videos came back, it was still very unsatisfactory after powerful jitter elimination, and the quality of the video dropped badly. Eliminating jitter basically looked like I was going to vomit. All of us later understood the importance of holding a stabilizer. However, the best choice at that time was DJI's OMSO series. Whether it was a mobile phone with a clip or a camera, it was It is very good, but unfortunately I do not have a mobile phone with powerful video shooting capabilities, such as Apple's plus series, and its own camera quality and micro-single is still slightly worse than, PRO/RAW series is very good, but unfortunately over budget Now.

Take the drone to travel: the splendid Xinjiang, on the trail of the Wusun ancient road (2016-11-05 11:20:50): The original video link is invalid, add a new version of the video link: Wusun - Online play - Youku, video Watch Wusun online in HD — Play online — Youku, HD online Watch Wusun v.youku.c...sumikabaosig| Likes 169 Comments 118 Favorites 480 View Details

What is the importance of anti-shake and anti-shake at Koch Science?

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SMD Piezo Buzzer

SMD Piezoelectric Buzzers are generally smaller than pin type Piezoelectric Buzzers. They are optimized for small devices such as blood glucose meter, clinical/forehead thermometers, smart glasses, and portable terminals.

From product designing, purchasing and testing, every step is controlled strictly by our QC staffs in order to make sure the perfect quality of our products. Currently, over 70% products are exported to US. South East Asia and Europe.

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