Zou Zhengwang: Opportunity cost is the biggest cost

On the afternoon of April 22, Gaogong LED hosted the “2013 China Good Product Tour Exhibition and Merchants Conference” hosted by Gaogong LED's “Lighting Channel” and ended the Changsha Station. Due to the eagerness for LED good products and good brands, the conference attracted more than 80 merchants from various channels such as circulation, retail and engineering to attend the meeting on time.

During the period, Zhu Hu, Deputy General Manager of Zhuhai Broadcasting Lighting Marketing, Tan Jian, General Manager of Laiwei Optoelectronics, Zou Hui, Manager of New Terri Lighting Development Department, Xiao Zhiyong, Deputy Director of Sales, BYD Industrial Co., Ltd., and Zou Zhengwang, General Manager of Changsha Candle Lighting In-depth discussion on enterprise and business advantages, brand strategy, business tactics, lighting design and other aspects. Finally, He Wenbin, director of high-tech LED marketing, analyzed the situation of the LED industry with accurate data. The participants expressed that the quality of the forum was quite high, and the cost performance and marketing strategy of the company were close to the market and benefited a lot.

Zou Zhengwang, general manager of Changsha Candlelight Lighting Appliance, said that the choice of LED manufacturers should be judged according to their own business direction, resource advantages, market positioning and other demand characteristics. Zou Zhengwang believes that the following six aspects are the key points to reduce the opportunity cost of merchants to select manufacturers:

1. The product has selling points, stable quality, valuable sense, and product line system;
2. The company has plans, and the company has a clear and clear development direction.
3, the image has bright spots, including VI, display methods, perceptual knowledge has a look,
4. Marketing has a system, with scientific, modern and stable marketing ideas and strategies.
5, the background is guaranteed, prompt delivery, follow-up in place, after-sales service,
6. There is room for profit and sustainable profitability, including both acquisition and potential energy. The provincial capital is longer and the county and city investment returns are expected to be shorter.

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