Big 佬 佬 LED new growth, high-tech spring will start the 2016 "breaking war"

For most LED companies, 2015 is a "robbery." Affected by the slowdown in demand and increased competition, the LED industry chain prices generally fell by 30-50%. Even the international giants have not been spared, and their product prices have fallen by more than 20%.

Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, Chairman of Gaogong LED, believes that the international economy will continue to show a downturn in 2016, LED demand is still insufficient, and the LED industry will continue to grow in the future. However, the oversupply of LED market will be improved with the decrease of investment in expansion. And the price of the product will also be attributed to rationality.

On March 20th, the 2016 Gaogong LED Spring Festival held by LED Supply Chain and Capital Integration Leader Gaogong LED was held in Shenzhen Qingqing World. More than 40 LED industry chain leaders in the Pearl River Delta region gathered together to discuss exchanges. New trends and new ideas for the development of the LED industry in the new year.

Confidence has become a key variable and a vane of the market. Feedback from Gaogong LED from the Spring Festival meeting shows that more than two-thirds of the participating company leaders and representatives are full of confidence in the growth of the LED lighting market in 2016, and believe that the growth space is around 15%, and many companies I believe that the market growth space will exceed 30%. At the same time, quite a few companies believe that the market competition this year is still very intense.

Chip prices stabilized

At present, as many domestic chip companies continue to accelerate the pace of expansion, the scale advantage is becoming more and more obvious. If the "price butcher knife" is sacrificed, the price of the chip may fall even more.

According to the research of high-tech LED, the price of chips in 2016 may still have downward space, and the chip industry is generally optimistic. However, as the company will continue to withdraw in the future, and the market demand will continue to increase steadily, the industry is expected to pick up.

"The price of chips in the first quarter is basically stable. It is expected that there will be no major changes in chip prices in the first half of the year. Hongli Optoelectronics may form a strategic cooperation with the top five chip companies in the future." Wang Gaiyang, Marketing Director of Hongli Optoelectronics, said 0.5W The following devices have little room for price reduction. Hongli Optoelectronics will reduce costs through resource integration and will not fight price wars.

Package "scale" PK segmentation

At present, the expansion of production has become the "killer" of LED packaging listed companies. A number of listed companies, including Mulinsen (002745.SZ), Hongli Optoelectronics (300219.SZ) and Zhaochi (002429.SZ), have expanded their production plans. The High-tech LED Industry Research Institute (GGII) estimates that China's packaging scale will reach 73.4 billion yuan in 2016, and the phenomenon of the larger Evergrande will become more apparent.

Mr. Sun Shaofeng, marketing director of Mulinsen, said that last year, the price of the device was low, and Mulinsen will improve the business in certain areas this year and will continue to expand production.

Compared with the medium-sized packaging factory, it seems that there is a way out to do "small" and "fine".

Liyang Optoelectronics, Jingke Electronics, Getian Optoelectronics, Tongfang Optoelectronics and other responsible persons unanimously believe that they will continue to do a good job in segmentation, match the needs of some special customers, aim at the international first-line lighting brand manufacturers, and strive for the market in 2016. Get a certain breakthrough.

M&A and export are still the focus of lighting

At present, lighting is still in the manufacturing industry, the scale is very important, the space for price reduction at the light source end is reduced, and the small and medium-sized enterprises are also ushered in a period of great change.

For the development trend of the LED lighting industry, in 2016, product prices will continue to fall. Mergers and acquisitions and cross-merger mergers into lighting business development shortcuts. Dr. Zhang Xiaofei believes that the overall amount of mergers and acquisitions will reach 100 billion, and large-scale mergers and acquisitions will be dominated by cross-border mergers and acquisitions. The integration of upstream sapphire and chip enterprise resources is strengthened. Packaging companies are mainly engaged in the expansion of mergers and acquisitions. Chinese companies are the main players in the bid for international lighting giants.

Xiao Ling, chairman of Juji Lighting, said that the acquisition of multinational lighting companies by Chinese companies has a certain impact on domestic enterprises, but the details remain to be seen. There is huge room for export market in the future, among which the export to North America market is the fastest growing.

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