Nelson: Dec. 44.5% Mobile Phone Users Select iPhone

Nelson: Dec. 44.5% Mobile Phone Users Select iPhone January 19 news, according to technology website CNET reported that market research firm Nielsen's latest study found that Apple's iPhone 4S mobile phone greatly stimulated the iPhone's sales, and Android is still the market share of the highest platform.

The survey results show that in December 2011, 44.5% of the respondents chose to purchase the iPhone. The proportion of respondents who chose to purchase an Android smartphone reached 46.9%, and the percentage of users who chose BlackBerry was 4.5%. In addition, 57% of users who purchased iPhones chose the iPhone 4S.

According to Nielsen's survey data for October 2011, 61.6% of consumers chose Android phones, 25.1% of them purchased iPhones, and BlackBerry ranked third, at 7.7%.

There is no doubt that Apple's iPhone 4S launched in October was the main driving force for the growth of iPhone smartphone sales. Nielsen found that 57% of new iPhone users chose the iPhone 4S. However, the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 data have not been disclosed.

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