The "LED Tunnel Road Lighting" project undertaken by Chongqing Xinghe Electric passed the acceptance test.

Under the support of the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” 863 Program “Semiconductor Lighting Project”, the “LED Tunnel Road Lighting” project undertaken by Chongqing Xinghe Electric Co., Ltd. successfully completed the research and development work and passed the project acceptance.

Through the study of illumination illuminance and colorimetric models of intermediate vision in tunnel special light environment, this paper proposes the color temperature interval and color rendering index of different tunnel LED tunnel lights that take into account driving comfort and driving safety. The optical design of the system, its brightness and uniformity index meet the requirements of national tunnel lighting standards; for the continuous operation of LED tunnel lights for 24 hours, and the demand for heat dissipation, a new type of transparent LED heat sink is invented, which effectively solves the dust in the tunnel. The problem of long-term accumulation of exhaust gas, soot and other mixed pollution on the radiator is adversely affected.

In addition, the project focused on the speciality of tunnel lighting, built a 1:1 dedicated test tunnel with a length of 50 meters, and established a complete set of quality testing and performance testing systems including optical, electrical, and performance indicators, safety indicators, reliability indicators, etc. It provides perfect conditions for technical research and development and performance evaluation of LED tunnel lighting products.

Through practical application engineering, the project achieved a good illumination effect with a longitudinal uniformity of more than 0.85 and a total uniformity of more than 0.62. After semiconductor lighting, the energy saving reached 50%.

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