New Year New Weather ~ also give office computers upgrade! JONSBO QS V4 Chassis installed

Time flies, I don't know when the busy year passed. Looking back, I always feel that I haven’t stopped and I’ve been busy. When I think about it, I think it seems to be going too fast. Did not do anything ~ sighed, the holiday ended ~ go to work!

Let me tell you a story:

Just after the New Year holidays, the office colleagues returned to work and were saying, “New Year's Eve!” At this time, Du Pei, who was sitting at my desk, had to go to the table to open the computer and only listened to the “click”. Although there is a fan movement in the computer case, but the screen is completely unresponsive. Suddenly there is a feeling that this computer has reached its limit until this machine was installed.

The old computer configuration of my colleague is still AMD Athlon II X2 250CPU + 4G DDR2 800 classic car, this time after the street, I also urged colleagues to let this car work for so many years of old cars to rest under the bar, it is better to change the whole machine It is also comfortable. So ~ we use the new machine to welcome the work of the new year.


The use of computers is mainly in the office. The main purpose is to use office and general entertainment. Because it does not play large stand-alone games, the entire machine is located as an office computer. The budget is about 2000, so the following configuration sheets are available:

Here to say why did not choose the current very popular Pentium G4560, because at that time set the time to buy hardware on February 3/4, when the deep water treasure G4560 only the so-called boxed (I always think that boxed That is, Taobao merchants use their own bulk packs, and the boxed price is 449 yuan. At that time, the salted fish on the i3 6100 flake can get 600, and colleagues in addition to the office will also see 4K video play WOW games like online entertainment Because of this, I chose the i3 6100 because of these points. After all, in addition to the main frequency outside the HD530's nuclear display is also slightly stronger than the HD610. When playing LOL WOW will also be more smooth, reduce the urge to buy graphics, of course, if you just do not need to play the game G4560 is certainly the best choice, ASRock B150 I asked customer service to basically update the BIOS to support the new generation of CPU. Even if you bought the old BIOS board, you can update it through the official website BIOS.

I would like to say something about SSD. Originally, I would like to recommend OCZ's TR150 to my colleagues. But my colleagues had already ordered Z410 before I said it. I think there is no problem with SanDisk and the price is similar. Jingdong's after sales are also assured. No change.

Alas, it must be said that the current price of memory and SSD is too low, saying that the OCZ ARC100 240G started in 618 430 last year is now compared to the feeling that it has earned 100 million ah. There are wood or the whole machine price is definitely less than 2000.


Because most of the machine parts have been placed on the 3rd, and the i3 6100 bulk is made of SF, so it is on the 6th that the accessories are on Monday. The following is a set photo of the front.

After receiving the SSD box, the surface of the box was found to be dusty. After unpacking, the seal was read. It was determined that it was not used and then it was left. We checked the auspiciousness and did not bump the scratch. After the rest of the packaging had no problem, we were relieved. Received second-hand who are not happy is not

After receiving the CPU, it took off the warranty sticker of the merchant's sticker to see if there was any intrinsic instinct. Before it was posted, we saw the inductor covered by the warranty sticker.

Intel (Intel) Core Duo i3-6100 1151 interface box installed CPU processor 810 yuan second-hand East i3 6100 expensive a full 200 ~ Jingdong direct link

After the CPU is the motherboard, because at that time is more busy to determine whether the second-hand so the motherboard's unboxing photos did not shoot, the motherboard is selected ASRock B150M-HDS The reason is that the price is cheap, and then the chassis was selected when the Sibo C2 was looking for The cheapest motherboard that can be stuffed into a C2 chassis is this one.

Find ASRock B150M-HDS motherboard (Intel B150/LGA 1151) value of 379 yuan friends broke the original: ASRock Technology (ASROCK) B150M-HDS motherboard (IntelB150/LGA1151) current members special offer 399 can superimpose 399-20 Spring Festival red envelope products Class Coupon to hand price 379 cost-effective, and the size of the motherboard is smaller than the general MATX motherboard close to itx, can be stuffed into a similar Qiao Sibo C2 chassis Avenger | Value 9 Comments 8 Collection 9 Direct Links View Details

The main board is to check the next CPU pin is not bent to rest assured. Looked at the motherboard as a whole is not satisfied with the scratches. Then just to remove the memory.

Team Elite Series DDR4 2400 8GB Desktop Memory 359 yuan Elite series is Shiyan's entry-level vest strip series, launched for mid-range players. This Shiyan Elite Series DDR4 2400 8GB desktop memory is a relatively low frequency DDR4 memory, 1.2V voltage, CL=16, parameters are not very beautiful, but fortunately the price is cheap and looks good. For users who want to enter the 100 series motherboard, entry-level DDR4 vest is still worth paying attention, Jingdong direct link to Wikipedia

There is no other reason to choose this memory. It is because of the cheapness. The selected conditions are arranged by price. It appears on the first page and it is selected directly.

The mainboard memory CPU is no problem with the rush of loaded.

After loading, we will take down the power.

domestic DELTA Delta NX350 rated 350W power supply (80Plus bronze / active PFC) 169 yuan shipping (179-10) low-power bronze, historical low price ~ Jingdong sells for 179 yuan, can use a variety of 10 yuan coupons, pay 169 yuan, history New low. Low-power bronze coupons are cheap, and low-power platforms are a good choice. DELTA Delta is a well-known power supplier foundry. This GamingSeries NX350 desktop power supply uses active PFC technology and is certified globally with 80Plus Bronze, with an efficiency of up to 88 smoke at 230V with 50% typical load. Value 54 Comments 12 Favorites 16 Direct Links View Details

Power supply I recommend using this Delta NX 350, this power is 80 PLUS bronze, using a two-transistor forward + single magnetic amplifier topology.

About the purchase of power I described my own tragic experience in the original original, and the importance of a good power supply for the whole machine!

COOLERMASTER Cooler Master GX450 power supply: from a red star failure incident to talk about the importance of power purchase and power. Preface (comparatively boring can skip) The beginning of the story is actually a tragedy story is this, this day I was as usual I was galloping on the continent of Azeroth. At this time evil evil spells attacked my computer. Smoke filled with degraded smells rolled out of my computer. At that time, my feelings were big. No, then my brain fills up the picture like this. There is this! Well, I say, it is because of the computer's power selection Avenger | __new_ Likes 38 Comments 86 Collections 124 View Details

About this section of the power supply, there are many on the outside of the power of the dismantling and evaluation stickers we can look at the overall workmanship and performance are good, and the power passed 80PLUS bronze certification, the input voltage is also 100V-240V wide input . Basically can meet my needs, but there is one point to be reminded about this, the 12V output of this power supply is a dual output, so in the trial of this power supply to the single significant power needs special attention.

Since there is no problem with the power supply, hurry to try the CPU motherboard memory there is no problem ~

When you install the machine, do not directly put the hardware directly into the chassis, it is best to install it to see if it can be lit up once, if no problem and then loaded into the chassis, or if the fee is not bright for a long time and then split it is not Very troublesome.

Live up to expectations and light up. Then it's a pleasant installment.

As you can see, when the motherboard was lighted before, because only the test did not install heat to the CPU, before installing the motherboard into the chassis, of course, the CPU must be installed to dissipate heat because the CPU selected the chip (although I heard that the 6th generation boxed device does not seem to send a difference in heat dissipation. Let's take a look at AMD Ryzen's information from Aunt Zhang today. People's agricultural enterprises send more and more heat to the heat. So they bought a separate heat sink.

SCYTHE S950M ​​CPU heatsink (supports 115X platform / under pressure radiator / 31mm height / copper core / ITX radiator) 49 yuan The biggest benefit of this heat is thin! Jingdong direct link

There are two reasons for choosing this type of heat dissipation. The first is because he is the cheapest heat sink with a copper contact surface. The second is to consider that the case was originally selected for the C2, C2 has a thermal height requirements, and in order to The easy-to-install selection of this down-blowing sledger with a height of only 31mm is the best heat dissipation. The following is the heat dissipation of the box.

Looking at the type of compatible interface on the cooling package, I would like to say that Intel is really a real toothpaste factory, and the CPU performance is only about 15% higher than the previous generation (Moore's Law proposed by himself and then hit himself again) Let everyone upgrade to help everyone spend money, the interface will have a 1151 so really do it really want to figure it God quickly like the 771 anger changed to 775 so that we put kabylake all the way to transplant to the B75 platform up.

After dismantling, in addition to the radiator there is a schematic and a warranty card.

This heat dissipation looks like the original heat dissipation of the previous toothpaste factory, but this heat dissipation has a backplane, on the one hand it can better protect the motherboard. On the other hand, the heatsink is connected to the backplane through spring screws, taking into account the heatsink The contact with the CPU also protects the CPU from excessive pressure due to excessive tightening of the screws. The contact area of ​​the copper core on the back of the heat sink is also larger than the original heat sink, facilitating the faster transfer of heat from the CPU to the heat sink.

Silica grease was not used before, but instead of using the nine-point method, it is said that this method will make the grease more evenly distributed.

Dala! ~Assembly completed~~ again

This picture can be relatively intuitive to see this motherboard is smaller than the average MATX motherboard to a small circle, the motherboard is installed we are ready to install. First to remove the SSD and the chassis. See the value of the SSD friends please light spray is not my choice.

With Samsung's grenade incident this year, flash particles have skyrocketed, and the original solid state of three hundred years has already reached a price of 600. This price increase is faster than housing prices, and people are caught off guard.

Colleagues chose low-key chassis for the low-key, the chassis panel is a brushed aluminum alloy panel, looks and feel texture are good.

The panel thickness of the V4 is a little thicker than that of the Crypress's C2 and it won't cut the hand so easily. The chassis is not directly mounted on the chassis to facilitate transport of the bottom support but it needs to be installed by ourselves.

The bottom support is a sponge rubber bottom, in addition to supporting the host to facilitate heat dissipation, there is also a role to reduce the vibration of the chassis to reduce the damage of the chassis resonance to the hard disk.

Formally installed into the chassis ~

In the beginning, I installed the power supply fan inward. I always felt the CPU cooling and the power supply fan grabbing each other. I discovered that about 2 cm of space was left on the outside of the chassis, and there was a cooling hole below the side of the chassis. So my brain hole was wide open. The power was reversed to install the test, did not expect a good result and then smoothly lit into the Bios set the boot sequence to prepare the installation system.

The sixth-generation platform Skylake adds support for the USB 3.1 interface, so it will no longer support the original EHCI master and change to the latest XHCI master. Therefore, if you use the original WIN7 to install, there will be failures to install the system. There are many online methods: For example, using the motherboard tools of each motherboard brand to install the USB disk into the USB disk to install the USB 3.1 driver can be successfully installed. There is also a relatively simple method is to use WinPE directly like me. To install, just download and integrate the USB 3.1 driver Win7 image can be friends ~ very convenient.

Here we must particularly talk about using WinPE method to install Sky7 platform or Kabylake platform Win7 system only for ordinary Sata interface SSD easy to use, if the NVme interface SSD or directly installed Win10 more convenient.

After loading the machine just run the next AS SSD Bechmark to see 4K alignment no problem to rest assured friends ~ score do not care, the actual use of the experience is more important ~ and boot 6 seconds is also more satisfied. After loading the system colleagues took away ~ Later Get a reply Play LOL WOW No problem very satisfactory answer I will be assured ~ so good this time to the original friends here ~ Thank you ~ I will soon complete a recent hot G4560 installed original ~ Goodbye, everyone.

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