Sleepace launches smart sleep light to monitor sleep environment

     On December 15th, Sleepace held an online conference on the Tencent Cambrian platform to launch a smart sleep light. This product not only realizes sleep monitoring that Sleepace has been paying attention to, but also helps sleep function and promote melatonin secretion. Effectively improve the user's nighttime sleep quality. The smart sleep light is priced at 399 yuan, and users can make an appointment on the Jingdong platform. The 21st is officially released.

Help sleep & 16 million color decoration

It's not just a bedside lamp, it's a product that helps sleep. It can emit red light to promote the secretion of melatonin, allowing users to go to sleep faster. NASA is currently using similar technology to improve the quality of astronauts' sleep.

Of course, the Nox sleep light not only emits red light to help sleep, it also has built-in light-emitting diodes of various colors, which can emit 16 million colors of decorative light. When you don't sleep, Nox can instantly become A bright spot in the home decor makes your bedside look extraordinarily interesting.

Music sleep effect up to 85%

Built-in 20 special purchases of copyrighted sleep music, can help users to enter the subconscious state faster, through the sound adjustment of the left and right channels of the music, the user's left and right brain waves can be balanced, into a similar hypnosis Status, through the experience survey of 4000 users, the effect of music sleep effect on the user reached 85%.

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Interactive Whiteboard

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