Where are the data hidden dangers?

For enterprise users, in recent years, with the exponential growth of data volume and the rapid development of cloud computing platforms, users' demand for data centers has been rising. It's not hard to find that more and more companies are starting to build their own data centers, or some SMB users are choosing to put their data in the data center for storage and management.

However, for data center infrastructure construction and some daily operation and maintenance management issues, different users may have different needs. Some enterprise users may only need large-capacity storage space, and data extraction may not be frequent. That is, the cold data we usually say occupies most of the business modules. Maybe some users are more agile and more flexible about the computing power and operation mode of storing data in the data center. This may be for data center managers. Another set of programs.

In summary, today's enterprise users still have some inaccuracies in the design, construction, management and other aspects of the data center, especially in the design and construction process of the data center, there are some practical difficulties and problems. Need to overcome and solve, what are the problems of these facts? In this issue, the author will talk to everyone.

High power, heat dissipation becomes a problem

We all know that in the entire data center operation process, the foundation of the foundation is the operation of electricity. However, as long as the operation and operation of the power system will inevitably generate some heat, only a small part of the application of these electric energy is fully obtained. Applications, unless the company's data center is powered by a superconductor, you will always pay for the heat lost in the space.

Data failure is inevitable

Downtime is the last thing that every data center administrator wants to see, but in actual operation, many hardware devices in the data center are unlikely to guarantee never fail, which means that users will never be able to The probability of accidents is reduced to zero. Pay attention to the path between the UPS and the load and the redundant fault tolerance of the cooling system.

The density of the electrical load will continue to increase

A few years ago, a server rack could only hold less than ten servers, but now it can hold dozens of blade servers; a few years ago, the average power of each rack was about 1~2kW, and now it is 3kW or even higher. High-density racks even grow from 3~5kW to 20~25kW. Therefore, electricity bills will be one of the important factors affecting the development of data centers.

Data center availability improvement

We talked about the downtime of devices in the data center. If a real website encounters a downtime, it may cause a potential user to lose in a few seconds and go to another website, if one When the router device is down, it is very likely that hundreds of users in this LAN cannot connect to the network normally. If a fiber room is down, thousands of users may disconnect from the network, and the loss is immeasurable.

High-quality training for managers

For the data center, it is also very important to have a team of highly qualified and highly skilled managers. Most of today's data center operators are due to talent shortages, high labor costs, and lack of training institutions. Less or even no training. As a result, data center operators have to acquire knowledge through manual and informal training, gaining knowledge through mistakes and even costly downtime, which is extremely worth the loss.

Problems in system upgrade

We all know that any hardware device will involve the upgrade and maintenance of the application, so there may be a possibility of failure during the whole upgrade process. For example, the IGBT device in the UPS will also display due to thermal shock during startup. A similar failure mode. By the same token, redundancy and backup systems can fail when switching. Due to human factors, the system is more prone to failure after a state change, possibly because the system does not return to the operating state correctly.

Editing words

As an important carrier of the data volume of the big data and cloud computing era, the data center does face many problems in the actual operation and management process. For the data center service provider, the user data is guaranteed to be safe, fast and stable. Running is the primary issue to consider. For users, choosing which platform to host their own data on is also a matter of deliberation.

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