Wireless Bluetooth charging pile comes out to endurance battery delay

In an interview with Pan Jun, general manager of Huizhong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huizhong New Energy”), electric vehicle owners can now use mobile phone Bluetooth to achieve seamless charging with charging lines without using public wired or wireless networks. Docking, complete a series of functions such as searching, scheduling, monitoring, etc.

Bluetooth charging pile

At present, electric vehicle owners need to implement functions such as positioning, reservation, and payment for charging. Most of them need to install wired or wireless communication modules and download APP for management. This mode does solve the needs of the owners to some extent, but It has also been questioned by some car owners. In addition to concerns about privacy leaks, there are also problems in the realization that all functions will be blocked if the network is not smooth or disconnected.

If the Bluetooth charging pile is used, the Bluetooth mode is adopted, so that the charging pile communicates with the server through the mobile phone, the communication will be more stable, and the cost of the wired or wireless module and the data traffic fee are saved.

At present, such charging piles have been released, and Huizhong new energy charging piles break the traditional communication mode, using the mobile phone as the medium and adopting the Bluetooth mode. Compared to other products, this Bluetooth charging post requires no additional traffic, no cards, no screen, lower cost, no need to worry about communication disconnection, or no wireless signal. It is reported that this technology has applied for a patent.

Endurance treasure that delays battery attenuation

The problem that electric vehicles will surely face when they are driven to a certain degree (or the number of times of charging to a certain extent) - battery performance degradation, mainly in the reduction of capacity, which directly affects the cruising range of the vehicle. In addition, in the use of the power battery pack, raw materials, production processes, Pack processes, temperature and other factors will affect the consistency of the battery; and the balance of the single battery participating in the discharge is likely to reduce the life of the battery, in addition, Any equalization in the BMS brings cost and reliability issues.

In this regard, Huizhong New Energy has developed the product of Continuation. Pan Jun introduced that the life-saving treasure can actively balance, maintain the battery, lasting battery life, increase the capacitance and extend the battery life.

Wireless beam package

The traditional connection method of the electric vehicle battery pack battery is the wire connection, the messy wiring, and the irregularity of the line may also be the cause of the self-ignition of the electric vehicle. Huizhong New Energy has developed a wireless beam package. Such a battery pack can realize wireless beam connection, which will increase the safety factor and the cost will be relatively reduced.

“In 2016, under the premise of technology and quality assurance, Huizhong New Energy will expand from the original assembly line to four assembly lines, and the production capacity will be increased by four times.” Pan Jun introduced, on the battery maintenance system, Huizhong The new energy is ready to be “chip-based” and hopes to achieve battery maintenance in the future. At the same time, in order to strengthen the company's technology research and development, Huizhong New Energy will recruit talents from all aspects to further improve the company's development, and strive to meet the listing standards in the next 2-3 years.

Pan Jun told the electric vehicle resource network reporter that in 2016, the charging pile market will likely show a spurt growth, and there may be some chaos in the next few years. At present, there are hundreds of charging pile enterprises, but not all enterprises Have their own core technology, and some of the company's products are assembled. For enterprises to develop, they must have their own core technologies. Huizhong New Energy also pays attention to this point and will comprehensively improve its raw materials, appearance and core technologies. Only by constantly updating and continuously developing technology, and accurately positioning the self-market, can we survive in the great torrent of market competition.

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